Arizona Lexington knew her marriage to Chad wasn’t perfect.  He had a dangerous side to him that surfaced over time, but she was in love…or so she thought.  One day she gets some heartbreaking news which causes Chad to show his true colors.  Deciding she needed a break to think things through, she returns home to gather some of her belongings only to stumble into a situation that leaves her broken not only in spirit, but in body.

For the first time in ten years, Arizona is alone and decides to try to make her life hers again. Problem is, her past isn’t ready to let her go without a fight.  One night Arizona decides to spruce up her apartment and she is caught in a humorous situation, by her helpful and handsome neighbor, Carter Doyle.  Carter soon shows Arizona that life can go on in spite of her struggle with her personal problems.  Sparks fly, romance is thick in the air and soon she sees he is just who she wants, but can she let him in when her past is right around the corner? 

“You’re either all in or not.” ~ Carter

I started this a long time ago and always meant to come back and finish their story. It's a work in progress. If you'd like to preview a few of the chapters feel free to check it out on Wattpad.