What would you do if you found out your life was all a lie?

Twenty seven year old Savannah Miller was taken from her home, beaten, starved and held captive in a tiny room in Mexico. After giving up all hope, she makes a plan to end it all.

One night an elite group of US Special Forces soldiers came to rescue her and bring her to a safe house.

As she begins to rebuild her life, she see things are not what they appear to be.

Colonel Logan, who leads the Special Forces team sent to rescue Savannah, finds himself breaking his own rules by falling in love. Logan sets out to find the people responsible for Savannah’s kidnapping and finds out the truth behind why she was taken, but with truth comes pain and heartache.

They soon find Savannah’s past is not ready to let her go and the people responsible are closer than they realize, sending them through an emotional and physical whirlwind not only affecting her, but all those around her.
Sometimes life gives you second chances.
Sometimes it’s too late and the pain can be too much to handle.
How do you mend after finding out soul shattering changes?
It’s time for Savannah to take back what is hers.
Is there room for love, with lies, betrayal and broken hearts?

My name is Savannah Miller.

My father is the Mayor of New York. One day after my twenty-seventh birthday I was grabbed from behind. A cloth sack was quickly pulled over my head, and I was taken from everything I’d ever known.

I was beaten, starved, treated like an animal, and forced to live in a room with no windows. With no sense of time and no dignity left I finally gave up hope and made a promise to myself to end it all.

Unfortunately, it was going to be a slow process.

Then one night an elite group of US Army soldiers came to my rescue. I was brought to a safe house and given two options:

One- Stay under their protection and follow their rules or…

Two- Leave and be guaranteed to be returned to the savages within a week.

I chose option one.

As I work with a therapist and begin processing my hellish ordeal things slowly begin to surface. With the help of new friends and a potential new love I fight to get my life back and make choices that will forever alter my future.

This is my story...


After witnessing the murder of her lover and the heartbreaking loss of their unborn child, Savannah wants to end it all.

Then she is given a second chance at love. 

Sadly, even when life hands you second chances it doesn’t always follow that things will work out the way you want them to.

Some lies can just be too painful to move on from.

What’s worse than being Broken?



Savannah takes control…

 Tired of all the lies and deception Savannah decides that she must face things on her own. As she seeks to find out who she really is she still must deal with the fallout from her past.

 Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead. What she really needs is right in front of her waiting for the right moment to prove his love.